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Photo by Betsy Tinney (c) 1999

  Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Fire

Coonmora Friendly Fire of Pinecoon

Fire is a red classic tabby boy who came to us from our dear friend and mentor, Connie Zimmerman (Coonmora Maine Coons).

At left, Fire is pictured at five months of age.


Fire has the dearest, most loving personality. He purrs constantly and loudly, loves to snuggle, and is never happier than when he's in someone's arms. His sweetest trick is to reach up, while he's in your arms, and very gently pat your face with his paws. (Melts my heart every time...) And he doesn't normally meow: he chirps like a bird, which of course has earned him the nickname "Firebird." 

Fire is also the smartest cat we've ever had. He loves to play "fetch," he has figured out how to turn on the faucet (he loves drips), he opens doors and cupboards and drawers. At times, his intelligence makes him a bit difficult to live with, since you can only fool him the same way once. Keeping him out of trouble is a challenge! 

In addition to having a wonderful temperament, Fire is a beautiful cat. His muzzle is square and well-defined, and he has a strong, deep chin. His ears are large and well-furnished, with large lynx tips. He has a wild expression that belies his gentle nature. His color is really neat -- a deep, intense red -- and his red chin adds to the look. (His kitten photo, below, gives a more accurate representation of his true color than the studio portrait above.) 

Fire's hips are excellent (based on our veterinarian's assessment of hip x-rays done at 1 year of age).



One of Fire's most interesting features is his pedigree: he is a third-generation "foundation" Maine Coon. This means that, unlike most Maine Coons (whose parentage is known for many generations), Fire has a recent ancestor whose parents were unknown. Foundation cats like Fire can contribute valuable genetic diversity to the Maine Coon gene pool.


Unfortunately, Fire was very unhappy as a whole male -- he could think about nothing but girls, and was miserable being confined away from our other cats (which is necessary when a male cat becomes very hormonal). So, we decided not to ask him to put up with a breeding career. He is now neutered and living happily in a wonderful pet home. We were very sorry to lose him from our breeding program, but are glad to know we made the right choice for him.

 Here's a photo his owner, Geni, sent us. He sure looks content!