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 Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Flap

SGC Pinecoon's Flap Happy


SGC Pinecoon's Flap HappyMEET FLAP

Flap is a big, goofy brown classic tabby boy with heavy boning and a long, hard body. He has a beautiful head with a long square muzzle, good profile (has a slight nose bump), and a very deep, square chin. He has huge ears with large, thick lynx tips. (Flap got his not-so-dignified name from the size of his ears: when he was born, his ears were so big that they practically flopped over his eyes. He did grow out of that stage, of course, but the name Flap stuck. Later, we created a semi-presentable name by adding the Happy part; it seemed to suit him, since he generally is.)

Flap has a wonderful personality: he is loving, relaxed and outgoing, both at home and in the show hall. He loves to be picked up (regardless of whether you pick him up right side up or upside down). He loves attention, both the physical kind (being petted) and also loves being included in conversations. If you ignore him, he will act sillier and sillier until you just have to stop what you're doing to laugh at him. (Dignity is not his forte.) As you might guess, he's a real pain to share a bedroom with: he just has to remind you that he loves you -- every ten minutes throughout the night...

Flap has been retired from breeding, and now lives happily in Bellevue, WA with his owner Diane.

Flap's pedigree