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Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Jesse

SGC Coonmora's Jesse James of Pinecoon

1989 - 1992

Jesse was one of our first stud males, entrusted to us by our dear friend and mentor, Connie Zimmerman.

Photo copyright  (c) 1989 by Jal Duncan Photography. All rights reserved.Jesse James was a large brown tabby male with warm brown markings & clear tabby pattern. He had a moderate to long head, long square muzzle and deep square chin. Jesse's profile was a nice clean curve. His ears were extremely large, and were tightly set and well-furnished; he had small lynx tips.  Jesse had large eyes and an open expression. He carried a very full, shaggy coat. His body and tail length were adequate but not exceptionally long. His body was hard and dense, and he was massively built and heavily boned. He weighed about 17 pounds at 2 1/2 years of age. His hips were very good and his heart was sound.

Although Jesse was an extremely healthy cat, he died at the age of 2 1/2 from severe pancreatic damage caused by flea dip (prescribed and administered by a licensed veterinarian). He left his son Phoenix to carry on his legacy. Jesse was extremely affectionate and outgoing -- a very sweet, goofy, gentle fellow. He is very much missed.

Jesse's Pedigree