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 Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Sally

CH Pinecoon's Long Tall Sally

Born 7/9/90. TICA's best silver classic torbie Maine Coon for two years in a row.

Photo copyright (c) 1991 by Chanan. All rights reserved.

Sally is a lovely, long silver torbie with clearly-defined tipping and a sparkling undercoat. Sally has huge green eyes and an open expression. She has a long elegant head, long square muzzle and deep square chin. Her profile is good, though she has a slight bump. Her ears are large and tightly set and well-furnished, although she does not have lynx tips. She carries a beautiful long shaggy coat. Her body is very long and hard, with long legs and a long tail. Sally is on the slender side, but has thrown good boning when bred to average-sized males. Sally carries dilute and nonsilver. She is extremely affectionate and is very ladylike (definitely not a goofy or rowdy cat!).

Sal is now retired from breeding, is spayed, and lives in a wonderful pet home. She is still alive and well at nearly 16 years of age.

Sally's pedigree