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Meet Our Cats: Our Boys: Alligator 

RW SGCA Pinecoon Alligator in the House

Alligator is a brown mackerel tabby neutered male. He's cheeky and sweet and squirmy and talkative, and usually has wet paws. 



Birthdate: February 2008


Pedigree: Alligator is out of Callan and Arial.


Litters: Alligator is neutered and won't be siring any litters.



We named this fellow after Alligator in the House, one of Betsy's songs. We weren't really thinking about real alligators -- just songs that Tricky Pixie was playing on the night he was born. (We chose song names for this litter because Betsy was onstage playing the cello with Tricky Pixie when Arial went into labor with them.)

However, it's uncanny how well the name fits him.

Alligator bites toes. He really, really likes toes -- anyone's toes.

He lies in wait, body and chest and chin flat on the floor as if he were lurking in a swamp, and then ambushes your ankles. With sharp teeth.

We have threatened to make him into a handbag, but it doesn't faze him. He just purrs at us and looks innocent. (As if something with that many teeth can look innocent!)

We first realized how appropriate his name really was when the huge water dish in our kitten room kept turning up empty. There was always water all over the floor, with Suspicious Tracks leading away from it. And Alligator always seemed to be wet -- especially his belly and feet. (Our other kittens managed to stay dry.) Hmmm...

Finally we caught him at it: Alligator had been literally swimming in the water dish.  All four legs and belly, in the water up to his chin -- the little Swamp Monster.

...Well, at least he doesn't eat the other cats.


Alligator has been doing very well at the local TICA shows. He's now a Supreme Grand Champion alter (SGCA), and was the TICA Northwest Region's 14th Best Alter for the 2008-2009 show year.

Alligator at 9 days old

Alligator at 12 weeks of age