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Wills, Outstanding Sire

Wills has completed TICA's requirements for the title of TICA Outstanding Sire. To qualify for this prestigious title, a cat must sire at least 10 TICA Grand Champions.

This page lists all of Wills' beautiful "Grand" children. Thanks so much to all the folks who showed their Wills "kids" to Grand (and beyond) -- Wills certainly couldn't have done it without you!


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Wills' "Grand" Children
Wills' Pedigree


To learn more about Wills' "Grand" children, click the pictures below.

IW SGCA Pinecoon's Legolas

RW SGC Pinecoon's Eddie Bauer

SGC/GC Pinecoon's Masamune of Herbykatz

RW SGCA Pinecoon's Yukon Jack of CascadeMtn

RW SGC Pinecoon's Onyx

RW SGC Coonmora Paddy O Paws of HapiK

QGCA Pinecoon's Domingo of CascadeMtn

RW QGC Pinecoon's Ice Cream Coon of Talismaine

RW QGC Pinecoon's Aragorn of Woodpile

RW QGC Pinecoon's Eowyn

QGCA Pinecoon's Black Jack of Chemicoons

GC AnTarCin William Robert ("Billy Bob")