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Previous Litters: Chinook & Callan's litter

Chinook (HapiK Chinook of Pinecoon) had her first litter with us in early May 2008. Dad was Callan. There were six kittens; we gave them "wind" names after their mother.

  • Breezy - brown classic tabby female
  • Windy - brown classic tabby female
  • Mistral - brown classic tabby female
  • Gale - brown mackerel tabby female
  • Sirocco ("Rocky") - brown classic tabby male (that's Rocky at left)
  • Zephyr - brown classic tabby and white male

Our "wind" litter was born in May 2008. All kittens in this litter have been adopted.

Here are all six kittens at nine weeks of age:

And here is momma Chinook with her new litter: