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Eowyn & Rumble's 2nd Litter

Eowyn's second litter was born in early June. Their father is Rumble. As in Eowyn & Rumble's first litter, there are five brown tabbies with incredible bodies and huge boning.They are:

  • Fortissimo -- brown tabby male (now Pinecoon's Tomahawk of Cabincoon)
  • Cantata -- brown tabby female
  • A Capella -- brown tabby female
  • Chorale -- brown tabby female (now Pinecoon She's Somethin' Else of Coondalay)
  • Aria -- brown tabby female

All Eowyn's kittens are very friendly and people-oriented. They love people and if you sit on the floor, all five of them will immediately swarm into your lap. They are rowdy, smart, and are into everything. With these five around, we have to make sure everything is practically tied down!

They are really tough to photograph, as they are so active. We finally got  all of them to stay in the same cat tree for a few moments; in the photo below, they are about six weeks old:

And here they all are at 13 weeks:



Chorale, again.


A Capella ("Pella")

Cantata ("Dot")

Dot has, in fair competition, won the coveted title for
Cutest, Fuzziest, and Generally Most Adorable Kitten In The Entire Litter.
(Totally unbiased & completely objective judges for this contest: Betsy and daughter Katie.)





QGC Pinecoon's Eowyn


RW SGC Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon ("Rumble")