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Hana's First Litter

Hana's first litter was born in late September 2000. Dad is Wills. There were five kittens:

  • A brown tabby female, "Barbra
  • A brown torbie and white female, "Carly"
  • A silver tabby and white male, "Elton"
  • Two silver tabby males, "Simon" and "Garfunkel"



Here are all five kittens at 13 weeks of age. Left to right, they are Elton, Barbra, Simon, Carly and Garfunkel.

Photo by Betsy Tinney (c) 2001. All rights reserved.

All five kittens are affectionate and people-oriented, and are very gentle and tolerant. They do sometimes get intimidated by loud noises or wild movements (for example, a six-year-old dancing and singing at the top of her lungs); but even so, these kittens are really good with our kids. Our six-year-old daughter Katie likes to pick them up and haul them around, and they tolerate this very well: they generally go limp and look resigned. I had assumed they really hated this and were just putting up with her, but they all come running whenever she comes into the room, so I guess they don't mind the "hauling" that much.

Simon is the bravest kitten in the litter. He's always the first to demand attention, check out a scary noise, or explore new territory. He loves water and particularly enjoys it when we leave the faucet dripping for him. He likes our kids very much -- that is, as long as Katie doesn't make him play dress-up with her...


Garfunkel is a real purr-box, and likes nothing better than a good lap and a cuddle. He is more cautious than Simon, especially about sudden loud noises; but he's pretty good with our kids (even though they are the noisiest things in the house).

Elton was the smallest of the litter at birth -- in fact, he was so little we weren't even sure he was going to make it at first -- but he is such an enthusiastic eater that he has pretty much caught up with his littermates. In fact, Elton is enthusiastic about nearly everything. (He doesn't like the vacuum or playing dress-up either, though.) Elton loves to be held, and becomes a limp purring rag whenever you pick him up -- hence his nickname ("Meltin' Elton"). 

Elton's permanent name is Pinecoon's Oliver, and he lives in Vernon, B.C. with his owners, Carolyn &  Barry Hay, and three other Pinecoon kitties (Jenny, Lily, and Tugger).

Barbra is so named because her expression is so similar to Barbra Streisand's (you can't see the likeness much in this photo, but take our word for it...) She is a very gentle, sweet girl who loves to be petted and held. She is a very large girl, nearly as big as her "big" brothers and bigger than her "little" brother Elton. Although Barbra is cautious at first with strangers and loud noises, once she is feeling comfortable, she blossoms into a funny, spunky little girl with a purr that won't quit.

Carly is the flashiest kitten in the litter. Her favorite spot is my lap (when it's not full of her obnoxious brothers, that is). Carly absolutely refuses to play dress-up, and has developed the ability to make herself invisible whenever our daughter enters the room carrying doll clothes. (But otherwise, she likes Katie very much. I even caught her relaxing in Katie's lap one afternoon...)