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Lina and Wills' Kittens

Lina's first litter was born in late September 2000. Dad is Wills. There were six kittens:

  • Two blue-silver classic tabby and white females, "Stella" (Pinecoon's Stella of Guardian Angel) and "Twinkle". 
  • One blue classic tabby female, "Sparkle" (Pinecoon's Blossom)
  • One silver classic tabby female, "Luna" (Pinecoon's Luna of Smokeycoons)
  • One blue classic tabby male, "Glimmer
  • One blue classic tabby and white male, "Glitter" (Pinecoon's Masamune of Herbykatz)

Here they all are at twelve weeks of age:

Left to right, they are Twinkle, Sparkle, Stella (in front), Glimmer, Luna and Glitter.

And here are all six kittens at about 4 weeks of age.
Left to right, they are Glimmer, Twinkle, Luna, Stella, Glitter (in back) and Sparkle.

Here are the boys, Glitter and Glimmer, at 12 weeks of age.


Twinkle, Twinkle...

Stella and Twinkle at 12 weeks.

Stella at 12 weeks.

And Luna, who has her own page.