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Lina and Wills' Second Litter

Lina's second litter was born in early July 2002. Once again, Dad is Wills. There were four kittens:

  • One silver classic tabby and white female, "Victoria's Secret"
  • One silver classic tabby female, "Lillian Vernon"
  • One brown classic tabby female, "J. Jill" (now Pinecoon's Cashmere of Velvet Jewels)
  • One silver classic tabby and white male, "Eddie Bauer"


They are pictured above at 7 weeks of age. Here they are at about two and a half weeks of age:

Victoria -- silver tabby and white female.
Lillian -- silver tabby female.
Jill -- brown tabby female.
Eddie - silver tabby and white male.

For more photos, click the kittens' names.