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McCoy and Wills' Kittens

McCoy ("Cookie") had her second litter in early September. Dad is Wills. They had four kittens:

  • "Topaz," a brown classic tabby female
  • "Jet," a black female
  • "Onyx," a black male (whom we are planning to keep)
  • "Obsidian" (Pinecoon's Obsidian of Coonpanion), a black male

We are very excited that there are three black kittens in this litter, since despite 14 years of trying to produce blacks, these are our first black kittens.  

Here they are at 4 months of age.
(Sheesh, but blacks are tough to photograph! Mostly you just get kitty silhouettes with headlights...!)

Left to right: Jet, Onyx, Obsidian

left to right: Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, Topaz

Here are all four kittens at 10 weeks of age. 
Left to right, they are Topaz, Jet, Onyx and Obsidian:

And here they all are at five weeks of age.
Left to right, they are Jet, Obsidian, Topaz and Onyx:

Here are just the three blacks at five weeks of age
(Topaz was too busy to stick around for this photo).
Left to right, they are Jet, Obsidian and Onyx: