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Moxie and Ahnold's Kittens

Moxie's first litter was born on August 27, 1999. Dad is SGC AnTarCin Ahnold (a brown tabby male belonging to Cindy & Terry Stelmaschuk in Drumheller, Alberta). 

The kittens were all such goofballs that we named them after the Marx brothers. They are:

  • One brown classic tabby male, "Harpo" (now Pinecoon's Poirot of Mainesuspect) 
  • Two blue classic tabby males, "Zeppo" (now Pinecoon's Skywalker of Williamina) and "Chico" (now Pinecoon's Blue Spruce)
  • Two brown classic tabby females, "Kinky" (because she has a tail kink) and "Groucho" (now named Buffy; she started out looking like a boy, hence her rather masculine "baby name"...)

Here is the whole litter at twelve weeks of age. Left to right, they are Groucho, Kinky, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo. 

Photo (c) 1999 by Betsy Tinney

In the following photo, they are nine weeks old; left to right, they are Zeppo, Harpo, Kinky, Groucho and Chico.

Photo (c) 1999 by Betsy Tinney

And Zeppo, ever curious, just had to get a better look at that funny flashing box I was holding...