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Santa Fe and Frosty's Kittens

Santa Fe and Frosty's litter was born on 11/24/2000. There were six kittens:

  • Two brown mackerel tabby and white males, "Washington" and "Idaho" (so named because this particular little pudge-pot strongly resembles a large baked potato with sour cream on it, especially when he's lying on his back...)
  • A blue mackerel tabby and white male, "Tennessee"
  • A blue mackerel tabby and white female, "Alabama"
  • A blue classic tabby and white female, "Georgia"
  • A blue mackerel tabby female, "Mississippi"

We actually managed to get all six kittens sitting in the same place at the same time -- for a nanosecond or two, anyway. From left to right, they are Idaho, Georgia, Alabama, Washington, Tennessee and Mississippi. They are 5 weeks old in this photo:

Photo by Betsy Tinney (c) 2001. All rights reserved.

The following photos were taken at 13 weeks of age. We tried getting all the kittens in the same place again, but it was impossible... they were way too busy!


This is Georgia. She's a blue classic tabby and white female, the smallest and spunkiest kitten in the litter. She is friendly and affectionate, and despite her size, she knows exactly what she wants -- and usually gets it! 

Georgia has no problem holding her own with the Three Galoots (her rowdy brothers). In fact, when she is determined to get The Current Toy, they get out of her way!


Mississippi is a blue mackerel tabby female, very quiet and gentle. Although Missy can be somewhat reserved with people she doesn't know, she's a real sweetheart once she's comfortable. (Her temperament is very similar to her mother's.) Mississippi is our daughter's favorite, and she is constantly being picked up and carried around like a baby -- which she tolerates with the gentle grace that's fast becoming her hallmark. 

Alabama is a blue mackerel tabby and white female. She tends to hang back and watch her siblings play -- she hates ending up underneath her obnoxious brothers. But when those pesky rough-and-tumble boys are out of the way, Allie blossoms into a playful little girl.  She especially loves feather toys, and once she gets hold of one -- it's hers!
Idaho is a brown mackerel tabby and white male, and is the largest kitten in the litter. He is friendly and active, and is always getting into things. One of his favorite pastimes is jumping on his sisters when they least expect it. He also enjoys playing in the water dish. He is pretty smart, and has already begun to figure out how to open cupboards and doors...  

Washington is the flashiest kitten in the litter, as well as being the litter's self-appointed Official Explorer Scout. He is outgoing and affectionate, with a relaxed temperament that we love. Washington is a very warm brown mackerel tabby and white with huge ears and lots of coat. We think he's going to grow up to look just like his dad Frosty...  
Tennessee is a blue mackerel tabby and white boy. He is a happy-go-lucky fellow, goodnatured and friendly, with a sunny outlook on life and the glint of mischief in his eye. (If he were human, Tennessee would be a little boy with a snub nose and tousled hair, wearing denim overalls rolled up to the knee, with a frog in his pocket and a mouthful of pilfered cookies.)