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Pinecoon's Obsidian of Coonpanion

Obsidian is a solid black male, son of McCoy and Wills. He now belongs to Doug Glatz and Pam Moulton (Coonpanion Maine Coons) in Beaverton, Oregon.

Obsidian is friendly and playful, though much wigglier than his brother Onyx (he likes people, but is far too busy to put up with being held for very long). 

Obsidian has a beautiful head, with a nice clean profile, square muzzle and deep square chin. His ears are large, well furnished, and have nice lynx tips. Obsidian has a long body and tail, and is heavily built (one of his nicknames is Tank).

Here is Obsidian at 10 weeks of age:

Here is Obsidian with his brother Onyx at 10 weeks (Obsidian is on the left):