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Pinecoon's Onyx

Onyx is a solid black male, son of McCoy and Wills. We are planning to keep him, and hope that he will grow up to walk in his father's footsteps. (Onyx now has a "grown-up" page too.)

Onyx is friendly and rowdy, and is the bravest in his litter. One of his nicknames is The Instigator because he's always the one who starts trouble. It was Onyx's idea to pull all the toilet paper off the roll -- though of course the other three joined in once they'd seen how much fun Onyx was having. It was Onyx's idea to climb Katie's bookshelf to get at the teaser toys on the top shelf -- it wasn't his fault that some of the books fell off. And it's always Onyx who darts between our ankles when we open the door (though that, he got from his mother, who is an escape artist extraordinaire).

Onyx has a wonderful head, with a beautiful clean profile, square muzzle and deep square chin. His ears are a little smaller than we'd like, though they are well set, well furnished and have decent lynx tips. Onyx has an extravagantly long body and tail, and good size for his age (though he is smaller than his brother).

Here is Onyx at 10 weeks of age:

Here he is with his momma:

Here is Onyx with his brother Obsidian at 10 weeks (Onyx is on the right):