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RW SGCA Pinecoon's Yukon Jack
TICA's 24th Best International Alter 2002-2003 & TICA Northwest Region's 7th Best Alter 2002-2003

Jack is a goofball.

There is no other way to accurately describe this fellow. He is a brown tabby and white male goofball, born 8/25/01 into a litter of otherwise normal kittens. He gets it from both sides -- primarily from his dad Wills, who is so goofy he sometimes falls off cat trees on purpose; but also from his mom Susannah, who is always making us laugh with her delightful quirky personality.

Jack belongs to Susan and Blair Milburn and lives in Vancouver, Washington with his two half-brothers, Shasta and Domingo. He enjoys being shown in the alter class, and did fabulously well in his first adult show, with 8 finals, including a Best Alter award. (He even got the Spectators' Choice award!)

At home, Jack is goodnatured, happy-go-lucky, and enthusiastic about everything he does.  For example, he just has to get down the stairs before anybody else.  If it looks as if someone else is heading downstairs, he runs as fast as he can for the stairs. His head makes the corner to the staircase, but his paws can’t get traction on the hardwood floor and his body scrambles sideways trying to make the corne, like a race car that's hit a speed too great to make the upcoming curve.  Once Jack corrects for the corner, he makes great strides on the stairs, bounding effortlessly over any other cat that happens to get in the way.  At the bottom of the stairs, he throws himself down on the floor; as we finally catch up with him, he looks up with the question “So what took you so long?” dancing in his eyes.

The photo above isn't sideways; Jack is. In this photo, a 12-week-old Jack is engaging in one of his favorite activities: lying on his side and rapidly pulling himself round and round the upright sisal part of the tree with his front paws. He still does this, at over 8 months of age. (Goofball...)

As enthusiastic as Jack is about every aspect of playing, he is also a real cuddlebug.  Like his mom Susannah, he loves to burrow under bedcovers. He particularly likes it if you make a "tent" for him under the sheets; he happily explores the tent, and then comes out to be petted, purring and strutting.  He'll go in and out repeatedly for as long as you let him, purring like crazy the whole time.

His favorite spot to sleep is on Susan's head. After walking and kneading all over her pillow (and pulling her hair in the process) he settles down to sleep, taking up most of the pillow and laying a good portion of his body right on her head.

For the 2002-2003 show year, Jack was TICA's 24th Best International Alter and the TICA Northwest Region's 7th Best Alter.

Here are some photos of Jack as a kitten:

Here is Jack at 12 weeks. (This is typical Jack: everything is a game. He hasn't changed, except to get bigger...)