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 Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Madison

Pinecoon's Madison

Madison, a brown tabby and white female, was born on President's Day in 1998. (Her brother's name is Jefferson.)

Madison's parents are Harry and Chutzpah.

Photo by Jim Brown (c) 1998MEET MADISON

Madison has huge ears, extravagant lynx tips, and a lovely head with a long square muzzle, clean curving profile and strong chin. She also has wonderful clear tabby pattern with a nice golden-brown tabby color. Her boning is pretty heavy for a girl of her age (1 year in the above photo) and she has a terrific hard body.

Madison is a charming, feisty little lady -- quite the little queen bee. She is a love when she wants to be, but is a rather opinionated little woman; unfortunately, one of the things she has opinions about is cat shows. She likes the judges all right, and she has certainly never offered to hurt anyone; but she suddenly developed a strong dislike of the judging cages when she was about 8 months old. Since she shrieks like a banshee whenever she's put into one (a bloodcurdling noise that brings the entire show hall to sudden silence, while I fervently wish I were miles away), now she stays home instead.

Since we didn't like the way her hips turned out on her one-year screening x-ray (one hip was fine, but the other was pretty borderline), Maddy has been spayed and removed from our breeding program. She now lives happily with her new owners in Bellevue, Washington.

Here's a photo of her as a kitten (she was quite a poser, as you can see):

Photo by Betsy Tinney (c) 1998

Here's another photo of Maddy as a kitten:

Photo (c)1988 by Betsy Tinney. All rights reserved.