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Rumble's First Christmas

We enjoyed sharing Christmas with our big goofy fellow, and we took lots of photos. This page is the result.


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Rumble's First Christmas
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Rumble's First Christmas

Nah, this fellow's not spoiled or anything...

He gets the run of the house. (Not just for Christmas, but all the time -- 
that is, until he stops acting like a big overgrown kitten and realizes he's male...)

More toys than he knows what to do with...

Three Christmas trees to play with (only when mom's not around, of course)...

His very own stocking, full of kitty toys and treats...

And an admiring family who keeps following him around and taking his picture...

What more could a big fellow want???

(To see what Rumble really wanted for Christmas, but didn't get, click here...) 

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