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Previous Litters: Hoppy & Flap's Litter 

Hoppy's first litter was born in July 1997. Dad was Flap. There were four kittens: three brown torbie and white girls, and a red tabby and white boy.


Hoppy had her first litter in July 1997 -- and they're beautiful and healthy and friendly
and just about perfect (and we aren't at all biased!)...

Hoppy's kittens at 11 weeks

Here are all four kittens (Phoebe, Arnold, Keisha & Wanda) at 11 weeks of age.

Arnold is a red classic tabby and white male; the three girls are brown torbie and whites. All four are fearless and outgoing -- friendly little furry commandos who swarm all over anyone who comes into the room. Arnold's a sweet little mush, relaxed and quite loving. His three sisters are extremely friendly and affectionate as well; however, right now they're busy exploring and conquering the world, so they don't have time for boring stuff like sitting in someone's lap.

Hoppy's kittens at 6 weeks

Here they are at about 6 weeks of age. Left to right: Arnold, Phoebe, Keisha (in back) & Wanda.