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Lindy and Harry's Litter


These three littluns are Lindy and Harry's babies. All three are brown classic tabbies and white.

Here they are at 9 weeks of age:

 Lindy's Kittens

Left to right, they are: D.W. (female), Arthur (male) and Kate (female).

Arthur and D.W. went together to a wonderful pet home, and have been renamed to Pinecoon's Pancho Grande and Pinecoon's Suzie Cray, respectively.

Kate now belongs to Fred and Elaine Weitz of Smokeycoons cattery;
her "grown up" name is
SGC Pinecoon's Kiss Me Kate of Smokeycoons. We are very proud of Kate: she has earned the title of Grand Champion (or better) in three different cat associations (TICA, CFA & ACFA). This is an outstanding accomplishment, especially for a female. Additionally, Kate has earned the title of Outstanding Dam, which means she has produced at least five children who have earned their Grand Championship in TICA. Wow!!

 Lindy Kittens

Here are Lindy's babies at 5 weeks of age.
Left to right: D.W. (female), Arthur (male) and Kate (female).