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Susannah's Kittens

Susannah's second litter was born on August 15, 2000. Their father is Hot Shot

Susannah had four beautiful babies; our son named them after characters from his favorite books, the Harry Potter series:

  • One brown classic tabby male, "Harry" (after Harry Potter, of course)
  • One red classic tabby and white male, "Ron" (after Harry's best friend Ron)
  • One brown classic torbie female, "Hermione" (after Harry and Ron's close friend Hermione Granger) 

Here is the whole litter at 6 weeks of age. Left to right, they are Harry, Hermione & Ron. (All three kittens are spoken for.)  

And here are each of the babies by themselves...

Photo (c) 2000 by Betsy Tinney

Harry -- an adventurous brown tabby boy,
who, it seems, is always getting himself into trouble
(just like his namesake, Harry Potter).

Photo (c) 2000 by Betsy Tinney

Ron -- a sweet-natured red tabby and white boy,
the largest of the three kittens. Ron is also
the most affectionate, and is probably 
the most laid-back as well.

Photo (c) 2000 by Betsy Tinney

Hermione -- a brown torbie girl, quite the little witch. 
She is probably the smartest kitten in the litter, 
and is a spunky, friendly little girl who manages to 
dominate her two brothers, despite being 
a good deal smaller than they.