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Pinecoon's Gypsy Rose of Talismaine
(Kitten call name: "Baby Ruth")

Ruthie is Susannah and Wills' daughter. She is a brown torbie female, born 8/25/01. She is shown here at 12 weeks of age. Ruthie is spunky, curious and playful. Her coloring is deep and brilliant, and her ears are large and well tufted. She has a long head, a long square muzzle, and a deep, square chin. 

Ruthie is now called Gypsy -- short for Pinecoon's Gypsy Rose of Talismaine -- and lives in British Columbia with her new owner, Laura Houseman (Talismaine Maine Coons).

Here she is with her sister Honey:


The following photos were taken when Ruthie was 12 weeks old:


 Here is Ruthie with her brother Jelly Belly:

(You can really see her color in this photo.)

And here is Baby Ruth at 4 weeks of age: