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Pinecoon's Yukon Jack
(baby name: "Oh Henry")

This page was put together when Henry was still a baby, so I've left it as it was when I wrote it. Henry's permanent name is Yukon Jack -- Jack for short, of course -- and he now lives near Vancouver, WA with his half-brothers Shasta and Domingo. Jack also has a"grown-up" page with more current photos.

Henry is a goofball.

There is no other way to describe this kitten. He is a brown tabby and white male goofball, born 8/25/01 into a litter of otherwise normal kittens. He gets it from both sides -- primarily from his dad Wills, who is so goofy he sometimes falls off cat trees on purpose; but also from his mom Susannah, who is always making us laugh with her delightful quirky personality.

The photo above isn't sideways; Henry is. In this photo, Henry is engaging in one of his favorite activities: lying on his side and rapidly pulling himself round and round the upright sisal part of the tree with his front paws. (Goofball...)

Here is Henry at 12 weeks. (This is typical Henry: everything is a game.)


In the following picture, Henry has been caught in a relatively boring position; for the moment, at least, he's actually not pouncing on anyone, bouncing off something, or falling out of anything: