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About Us: Our Approach to Adoptions

If you are inquiring about a Pinecoon kitty, don't be surprised if we ask you a lot of questions. We place our cats only in carefully screened homes that meet the individual needs of each cat.

If it seems odd to have to "qualify" to adopt a kitten, consider this: would you want to get a cat from someone who didn't care where it was going?


  • We place only healthy kittens and cats.

  • Each Pinecoon kitten or cat comes with a comprehensive health guarantee and is guaranteed to be FeLV- and FIV-negative.

  • By the time our kittens leave our home, they have been neutered or spayed, have a full series of vaccinations, and are fully litterbox and scratching-post trained.

  • Our kittens leave us at no earlier than 12-14 weeks of age.

  • Our kittens and cats go only to indoor homes.

  • We do not permit our kittens or cats to be declawed. Declawing is unnecessary and can cause lifelong pain and disability, even when the surgery is done properly. All Pinecoon kitties are used to having their claws clipped, and are taught from babyhood to use a sisal scratching post.

  • We consider ourselves to be ultimately responsible for every cat and kitten we place. So, if you ever can't keep your Pinecoon kitty, for any reason, then we will take it back -- even if that's ten years from now. We never want one of our kitties to end up being dumped at a shelter or needlessly euthanized!





We produce only a few litters each year, but we receive as many as 10 kitten inquiries each day. Because of this, we are able to be pretty picky about choosing new homes for our kittens. 


Many of you have inquired how to get onto our wait list. The answer: you can't -- we no longer keep a wait list. (Sorry! The wait list just wasn't working -- we get too many inquiries.)  Instead, we select homes our kittens using an admittedly unscientific mixture of serendipity, gut feel, and personal whim.  :-)