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About Us: Our Family

Pinecoon Maine Coons is jointly owned and operated by Betsy and David Tinney. We have been showing and breeding Maine Coons since 1987.

In addition to our cats, we have two human children: Jamie, 22, and Katie, 18. (Yes, the photo at left is quite an old one. :-)


David works for a small Internet company, TailoredMail, as a software developer. (David escaped from Microsoft in 2000, after more than 10 years there.)

Betsy used to work for Microsoft, too: for her last two years there, she managed a large group of technical writers who produced online documentation for Internet server products. She left Microsoft in 1997, after having spent nine long years there. Betsy now works part time as a cellist, web designer, webmaster, and contract editor. She also homeschools our daughter Katie.

Jamie enjoys spinning poi and staff, archery, writing, singing, and theater, and is passionate about live-action role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, etc).

Katie is currently homeschooled and is just about to graduate from high school. She sings, writes, and is a budding artist; you can see some of her early artwork here. Now Katie maintains her own site on DeviantArt, so her more recent artwork is posted there.




So what do we do other than kids, cats, and work? Well, there isn't much time for other stuff, but we do have a few additional hobbies. David is an excellent chef and gardener, and is an avid reader. Betsy plays acoustic cello with the bands Tricky Pixie, Skinny White Chick, Vixy and Tony, and The Heather Dale Band. For many years, she played electric cello in the indie rock band Gaia Consort. Betsy also paints and makes jewelry. She also was also a serious competition ballroom dancer until permanently sidelined by a dance injury.