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Meet Our Cats: Previous Litters: Chutzpah & Harry's Litter

Chutzpah had her third litter on President's Day (February 16), 1998 -- two beautiful babies, named Madison and Jefferson in honor of the holiday. Harry is the proud papa.

At left is Madison at just under 4 weeks of age.


Madison is a brown tabby and white female who now lives with her owner, Ross, in Bellevue, Washington.

Jefferson is a red classic tabby male, who now lives in Florida with his owner Merritt Jensen and his (unrelated) "big sister", Rosie (Pinecoon's Wild Rose).

Jefferson & Madison are pictured above at about 11 weeks of age, happily abusing one of Katie's stuffed animals. 

And here are Madison and Jefferson at not quite 4 weeks of age. (Toddler kittens are so cute...)

Chutzpah's kittens at 4 weeks



QGC Coonmora Chutzpah of Pinecoon


TGC Pinecoon's Buckskin Harry