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 Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Trillium

Mtnmaine Trillium of Pinecoon

Trillium is a blue mackerel torbie with a fabulous outcrossed pedigree. She has a lovely, sweet temperament -- she purrs practically all the time -- and we are thrilled to have her. We are very grateful to Merrie Doering (Mtnmaine) for letting Trilly come to us.

Trilly is now spayed (she had a tough time with her first litter, and really isn't cut out to be a mom) and is living in a wonderful pet home.


Trillium is a sweetheart, and is exceptionally outgoing and extremely affectionate. She purrs constantly and is hard to resist. She is, however, extremely naughty, and has taught our other cats some new tricks. (For example, Trillium knocks pots & pans off the counter on purpose -- she apparently wants to find out what's in them -- and after realizing that sometimes Trillium finds treats inside those noisy pans, some of our other cats have tried the same thing, scaring themselves badly in the process.) Trilly has also learned how to knock over half-full glasses of milk (which our kids are constantly leaving out... sigh) so she can drink the contents without getting her head stuck in the glass. (She did get her head stuck once, but she's a fast learner; so ever since, she just puts her paw in the glass and deliberately tips it over). One of her nicknames is "Poltergeist" because she is just so bad! She also steals jewelry -- she loves the sparkly bits, and has several "treasure troves" hidden throughout the house, which I have to periodically raid in order to retrieve my things (I now keep my jewelry in the closet!). She once led me on a mad chase through the house with a sapphire necklace gripped firmly in her mouth. When I finally caught her and tried to take the necklace away, she growled at me and insisted it was hers now! She is just so funny... and with that "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" expression, it's awfully hard to stay mad at her, no matter how naughty she is... she is such a character!

Trillium is also extremely intelligent -- a dangerous characteristic when combined with her extreme propensity for mischief. She can easily open cupboards and drawers, and has unfortunately figured out how to unlatch our supposedly cat-proof window screens. We initially thought the screens were coming undone accidentally; but after Trillium's third midnight excursion onto our roof, we realized what we were up against, and screwed all of our screens to the window frames. Trillium has even been caught trying to figure out how to unlock our front door!

Trillium has excellent hips (radiographed at 1 year of age) and a normal, healthy heart (checked via Doppler ultrasound by our board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Woodfield, on 5/16/05).

Trillium at 5 months