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Healthy, Loving Maine Coon Cats -- Regional & International Award Winners

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Meet Our Cats

Each of our cats is a distinct individual, with his or her own preferences, needs, charming quirks and pet peeves. This fact, more than anything else, is what makes this hobby so enjoyable.


This section of our website highlights each of our cats and provides a photo, description, and other relevant information.  To browse each gallery, click one of the links at right.

We've included pages listing our current breeding cats (males and females), and separate pages listing our International Winners and our Outstanding Sires and Outstanding Dams. (These titles are among the most prestigious that The International Cat Association confers, so we're just a wee bit vain about these particular cats!)


Our Alumni page lists breeding and show cats in our past -- cats who have graced our lives in the past but who, for various reasons, are no longer in our breeding program and/or no longer reside with us. 

Our Previous Litters page lists some of the litters we've had over the past few years. Each litter has its own page, with "baby pictures" and, in some cases, stories about some of the kittens' antics. (Kittens are so much fun!)