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Meet Our Cats: Outstanding Sires & Dams

The International Cat Association provides special awards to recognize cats who have produced many successful show cats. To become an Outstanding Dam, a female must produce five Grand Champions; to become an Outstanding Sire, a male must produce ten Grands.

At left is our lovely Hana, one of our Outstanding Dams.


We are very proud of our Outstanding Sires and Outstanding Dams:

RW SGC Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon, OS*
Pinecoon's Wild Blue Yonder, OS
SGC Pinecoon's Hot Patootie, OD
RW SGC Herbykatz Hana of Pinecoon, OD

RW QGC Woodpile Amazing Grace of Pinecoon, OD

In addition, we have produced two Outstanding Dams who belong to other catteries:
RW SGC & GC Pinecoon's Kissme Kate of Smokeycoons, OD
Pinecoon's Tapestry of Woodpile, OD

*pending confirmation