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Meet Our Cats: Our Girls

We require our breeding females to be healthy and to have excellent temperaments.  To enter our breeding program, they must first pass their heart and hip screening tests.

The lovely lady at left is Hana, who is both a Supreme Grand Champion and an Outstanding Dam.


We currently have no breeding females, since we are taking a break from breeding.


Many wonderful girls have contributed to our breeding program over the years. You can find most of them listed below:

RW QGC Woodpile Amazing Grace
of Pinecoon, OD ("Gracie")


SGC Pinecoon's Hot Patootie, OD

RW SGC Herbykatz Hana of Pinecoon, OD

IW SGC Luvpaws A Torrid Affair of Pinecoon ("Torri")

SGC Catalystisc Oh Susannah of Pinecoon

Photo by Jim Brown copyright 1998
RW QGC Pinecoon's Moxie

DGC Coonmora's Coquette of Pinecoon


QGC Coonmora's Chutzpah of Pinecoon

Lindy Hop
TGC Willowplace Lindy Hop of Pinecoon

DGC Pinecoon's Hootenanny ("Arial")

CH Smokeycoons Katalina of Pinecoon

CH Pinecoon's Long Tall Sally

CH Pinecoon's Long Tall Sally


SANTAF_S.JPG (5050 bytes)
CH Coonyham Santa Fe
of Pinecoon

CH Broadsway McCoy
of Pinecoon


CH Le Beau Minu Acadia of Pinecoon

CH Le Beau Minu Tess of Pinecoon

Purrocious Lady Lucinda of Pinecoon

Pinecoon Faerie Queene