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Pinecoon Maine Coon Cats
Healthy, Loving Maine Coon Cats -- Regional & International Award Winners

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 Meet Our Cats: Alumni: McCoy

CH Broadsway McCoy of Pinecoon
(aka "Natasha" or "Tasha")

McCoy is a solid black female -- a real treat for us -- and we are absolutely thrilled to have her. She came to us at 8 months of age from Jean Thompson & Jennifer Sable in New York (Broadsway Maine Coons), and we are very grateful to Jean and Jennifer for entrusting her to us.  (We feel as if we've won the lottery -- she is a treasure!)


Birthdate: 7/29/99

Hips: Good at 1 year of age

Heart: Normal and healthy. Most recently screened via Doppler ultrasound at 3 years of age.

Pedigree: McCoy is out of Broadsway Burnham and  Broadsway Arundel. Click here for a full five-generation pedigree.

Litters: McCoy has had four litters:

Where is McCoy now?

McCoy (now fondly renamed "Tasha") is now living and thriving in her "forever" home in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Tasha is a much-beloved companion who (according to her owner, Elsa) certainly helps to keep Elsa sane through life’s trials and tribulations.


McCoy is a solid black female with gorgeous, dense black coloring and the sweetest, gentlest temperament. She has a very long, hard body, long tail, and good boning. She has large ears with large, thick lynx tips and a very tight set. Her head, profile and muzzle are incredible (unfortunately, you can't see her muzzle well in the below photo).

Photo by Paradox Photography (c) 2000. All rights reserved.

McCoy is an extremely elegant cat, and moves like a ballet dancer: all grace and poise. She is loving, calm, and gentle, and loves to snuggle. She is very patient and goodnatured about virtually everything, and nothing seems to faze her -- including baths, cat shows, the blow dryer, and little boys doing noisy battle with flying Pokemon.