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Pinecoon Maine Coon Cats
Healthy, Loving Maine Coon Cats -- Regional & International Award Winners

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Meet Our Cats: International Winners: Frosty

IW QGC Pinecoon's Lumberjack ("Frosty")

  • TICA's 16th Best International Kitten 1996-1997
  • The TICA Northwest Region's 2nd Best Kitten for 1996-1997
  • TICA's 3rd Best International Maine Coon Kitten for 1996-1997

At left is Frosty at 8.5 years of age.


Birthdate: 3/21/96

Hips: Good at 1 year of age

Heart: Normal and healthy. Screened via doppler ultrasound in 8/98, 3/00, 4/01 and 12/04.

Pedigree: Frosty is out of Phoenix and Lindy. Click here for a full five-generation pedigree.

Litters: Frosty has sired seven litters:

  • The "dessert" litter, with Hoppy
  • The "cookies" litter, with McCoy
  • Pride & Joy, with Hoppy
  • Chippie, with Hoppy
  • The "states" litter, with Santa Fe
  • Two litters with Coonmora's Shot Silk


Frosty has earned quite a few awards:

  • TICA's 16th Best International Kitten for 1996-1997. This means that of all the kittens that competed in TICA anywhere in the world during that show year, Frosty had the 16th highest cumulative score!

  • The TICA Northwest Region's 2nd Best Kitten for 1996-1997.

  • TICA's 3rd Best International Maine Coon Kitten for 1996-1997.

  • TICA's Brown Mackerel Tabby & White Maine Coon of the Year for 1997-1998. (That was the year he was shown as an adult -- albeit a slightly tubby adult...)


Frosty is a big brown mackerel tabby and white boy, heavily boned and densely muscled. (In addition to being a bit large, he's also a bit chubby, which is why his adult show career was not as stellar as his kitten career.) His muzzle and chin are strong and square.


Frosty's ears are large and well-furnished, with nice lynx tips; their set is good, and has stayed pretty high even as he's gotten older. He carries a heavy, shaggy coat and, fortunately, is very tolerant about being groomed.

Frosty's father is Phoenix and his mom is Lindy Hop. He is as sweet and outgoing as both his parents, and as completely unflappable as his mother. Fortunately for him, Frosty inherited his father's brains and his mother's coat.

Frosty is now retired from breeding -- for no particular reason, except that he'd been doing it long enough -- and is now happily warming Betsy's pillow again, something he hasn't had the opportunity to do in years.

So how did a brown mackerel tabby & white get a name like Frosty?

Some of Frosty's children who have gone to show & breeding homes: