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  Meet Our Cats: Our International Winners: Leggy

IW SGCA Pinecoon's Legolas

Legolas is a red silver classic tabby neutered male, son of Hana and Wills. He is named after Legolas the elf, a character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. (We think he looks as much like Orlando Bloom's Legolas as any cat can -- complete with long blond hair and pointy ears...)


Legolas ("Leggy") lives with us as a pampered pet -- he belongs to our kids (or, more accurately, they belong to him). He is outgoing, calm and goodnatured, and so relaxed that he has earned the (not very flattering) nickname of "Legless" since he melts into a large flat furry puddle when you pet him. Leggy is always a sucker for a warm lap and a cuddle.

Other than hogging any available lap he can find, Leggys' favorite pastimes are eating, emptying the trash, eating, "helping" us with whatever we're doing, eating, and torturing his litter sister Eowyn. Being nearly twice Eowyn's size, he plays "pounce-and-flatten" with unusual effectiveness and, it must be admitted, with an enthusiasm that she doesn't share.

Here is Leggy in one of his favorite play areas -- the office wastebasket:




  • TICA's 19th Best International Alter 2002-2003
  • Northwest Region 5th Best Alter 2002-2003


Here is a photo of Legolas at 3 months:  


For more baby pictures, see his litter's page.