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What's New?

August 27, 2012: We are currently "on hiatus" from breeding, meaning that we are not breeding right now, but may begin again at some point in the future.



(coming soon)


August 27, 2012: We are currently "on hiatus" from breeding, meaning that we are not breeding right now, but may begin again at some point in the future.

October 26, 2010: Our new boy has just arrived from Maryland -- Mainesuspect Lord Peter of Pinecoon!

October 10, 2010: We have a new Pinecoon Supreme Grand!!

Photo (c) 2010 Unlimited Photography. All rights reserved.SGCA Pinecoon's Darjeeling of CarolsCats (left), owned & loved by Carol Juhasz of Calgary, Alberta, earned his Supreme Grand at the Pacific Northwest Outlaws show in September.

Additionally, Dar was Best of The Best Alter in Show this past weekend (10/10/10) in Kelowna, and also won the Spectator's Choice award on both Saturday and Sunday. Way to go, Dar!!

July 14, 2010: Arial has five new babies!


July 2008: We have adopted several adult cats and one litter of kittens from our friend Janice Schafer (Poseycoon Maine Coons). Janice passed away somewhat unexpectedly in late June. Since her family was unable to keep Janice's cats after her death, we adopted most of them, including her final litter. All have been spayed/neutered and will be placed in loving pet homes; the resulting monies will be donated to a fund for Janice's children. We miss Janice very much, and are glad we were able to do this for her and her beautiful cats. (At this writing -- October 26 -- we still have two of Janice's adult cats, Reno and Sparkler, available for adoption.)

May 2008: Gracie has six new babies -- three girls and three boys! Dad is Shanna Kasa Dressed in Furs of Mymains. Photos coming soon!

February 2008: Arial has four new babies! Since she was in labor while Betsy was onstage playing with Tricky Pixie, we've named the babies after songs that were on that night's setlist. (Fortunately, Arial did wait for Betsy to get home from the concert -- which was a great relief to Katie, who had stayed home from the concert to keep an eye on the expectant mama.)

December 2007: Our beautiful boy Zeus had a great show -- his first as an adult! At just a few days over 8 months of age, he earned his Grand Championship and finalled in 10 out of 12 rings -- earning the coveted "Best of The Best" Cat in Show award. And best of all, by granding, Zeus made his momma Gracie (TGC Woodpile Amazing Grace of Pinecoon) an Outstanding Dam. We are so proud of both Zeus and Gracie! 

March 2007: Gracie has seven new babies! Since Dad's name is Wonder (IW SGC Windwalker Wonder), we've named his babies after the seven wonders of the ancient world. They are Colossus, Zeus, Babylon, Maussollos, Alexandria, Artemis and Giza. Here is proud mama Gracie with her new brood.



December 2006: Arial and Helvetica, from Gracie's 2006 litter, have just turned 8 months old and are now competing in the adult class. Arial, we are proud to report, was a one-show Grand, meaning that she was able to complete the requirements for Grand Champion in a single show. Arial earned her Grand at The Maine Event show in Seattle on December 9 & 10, 2006.



March 2006: Gracie's third litter was born: six utterly gorgeous kittens, nearly all brown tabbies with white. Dad is LA SGC Woodpile Hoot N Holler. The kittens look so much like both their parents -- they are, so to speak, "true to type" -- that we've named them after TrueType fonts. The girls are Arial, Helvetica, Lucida, and Verdana. The boys are Garamond Bold (the bravest in the litter) and Franklin Heavy (the biggest).

June 23, 2005: Gracie gave birth to a single kitten, Onyx's firstborn. The baby is a brown tabby male; mom and baby are both doing fine. (Onyx, on the other hand, is now miserable, as he misses "his" Gracie very much -- they were together until shortly before their kitten was born, and poor Onyx is now suffering from obvious "Gracie withdrawal". We haven't told Onyx that Gracie, involved with her new kitten, doesn't seem to miss him at all...)

June 5, 2005: We are utterly thrilled to announce that Pinecoon's Faramir of Mymains is now a TICA Grand Champion Alter! Faramir completed the requirements for his Grand at this weekend's TICA show in Chehalis, WA. In one stroke, Faramir has made his father Rumble an Outstanding Sire and his mother Hana an Outstanding Dam!  Many thanks to Val Horton (Mymains) for continuing to show Faramir even after he was neutered.

May 16, 2005: Good health news: Our youngest queen, Mtnmaine Trillium of Pinecoon, has passed her first HCM screening (by board-certified cardiologist Dr. Jerry Woodfield) with flying colors. Since Trilly has passed both her heart and hip tests, she's "cleared for takeoff", so to speak, and we look forward to reporting a successful flight soon, possibly with Pippin as co-pilot :-).

In unrelated news, Eowyn's tubby toddler son finally has a name: Bounce, courtesy of our daughter Katie.

May 15, 2005: Today was truly a Grand day! At the TICA show in Franklin Park, IL, Pinecoon's Black Jack of Chemicoons ("Ozzy") earned his TICA Grand Championship (and his Double Grand, too) as an alter.  We are grateful to Brett and Collette, Ozzy's owners, for all the love and care they've lavished on Ozzy over the past year, and for bringing him back out in such fabulous condition.

We are also thrilled that Rumble's daughter, Sophie, (GC Woodpile Sophisticat [of Chemicoons]) earned her TICA Grand Championship at the same show. Sophie is the 9th of Rumble's offspring to earn her Grand (a cat must produce 10 Grand Champions to qualify for the title of Outstanding Sire), so we are especially excited about Sophie's achievement. Our heartfelt thanks is due to Liz Hansen (Chemicoons) for bringing Sophie out again, and for helping Sophie to realize that cat shows might not be as awful as she had thought.

May 4, 2005: Well, the 2004-2005 show year is over, and although the results haven't been officially announced yet, it looks like Ripple (IW SGCA Pinecoon's Rolling Thunder) has a good chance of placing in TICA's Top 10 International Alters, and will also be TICA's Best International Maine Coon Alter. Woo hoo!!!

April 21, 2005: Eowyn gave birth to a single kitten, a brown tabby boy. (Dad is Rumble.) We haven't named the little guy yet, but he has gotten so chubby (probably due to his exclusive access to the "dairy bar") that we've been calling him things like Pudge-Pot and Fattykins. Of course, we won't let him grow up with a name like that (can you imagine - "Pinecoon's Fattykins"? NOT!!).

April 20, 2005: Onyx finally "figured it out" -- at nearly 4 years of age! The young lady whose charms finally penetrated his thick head was Gracie. (Or, perhaps Onyx actually understood  the implications of the conversation I had with my vet about him earlier that very day, in which we discussed just going ahead and having him neutered, since he obviously never was going to figure out what girls were for...)

April 6, 2005: We are proud to announce a new Pinecoon Supreme Grand Champion: SGCA Pinecoon's Flash Fire of Carolscats, a red-silver tabby neutered male out of Hana and Rumble. Flash completed the requirements for his Supreme at the TICA show in British Columbia last month. Many thanks to Flash's owner, Carol Juhasz, for grooming and showing Flash to his best advantage!

February 14, 2005: More good health news: four Pinecoon cats (Wills, Rumble, Elsa and Faramir) visited veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield today for their annual HCM screenings. We are happy to announce that all four cats have healthy, normal hearts. (As part of the exam, we found out that Wills now weighs 29.4 pounds at just over 6 years of age. He is the biggest cat we have ever owned.)  Unfortunately, on the same day we also learned that Faramir has mild hip dysplasia in one hip (although both his parents' hips are fine), so he was promptly neutered :-(.

January 17, 2005: Our first Maine Coon, Rion, celebrated his 18th birthday. We are grateful that we still have this wonderful fellow's loving company, and hope he will remain well and happy for many years to come.

December 20, 2004: Good health news: three of our cats (Frosty, Onyx, and Pippin) visited veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield today for their annual HCM screenings -- which they passed with flying colors. Since Pippin also recently passed his one-year hip x-rays, that means he can "graduate" into our breeding program. Pip's first "lady friend" will probably be Susannah -- but only if she is amenable to the idea, of course!

September 29, 2004: Gracie has had her first litter! Dad was Striker (RW QGC Pinecoon's Aragorn of Woodpile). They had four kittens: a brown tabby boy (reserved) and three brown torbie females. For photos, click here.

August 23, 2004: At the TICA show in Portland this past weekend, Rumble's son Max (GCA Mymains Max A Million) earned his Grand Championship.

August 2, 2004: Good health news: we brought four of our cats (Gracie, Susannah, Hana, and Legolas) for routine HCM screenings with veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield. We are very glad to report that all four cats' hearts are healthy and free of HCM.

July 30, 2004: We have a new addition: Trillium (Mtnmaine Trillium of Pinecoon), a blue mackerel torbie with a fabulous outcrossed pedigree. Trillium has a lovely, sweet temperament -- she purrs practically all the time -- and we are thrilled to have her. We are very grateful to Merrie Doering (Mtnmaine) for letting Trilly come to us.

July 12, 2004: TICA's end-of-year placings are now official (well, as official as they get) -- and we are proud to say that Pinecoon cats were once again well-represented in this year's Regional awards:

  • Eddie (RW SGC Pinecoon's Eddie Bauer) was the TICA Northwest Region's 7th Best Cat, 3rd Best Longhair Cat, and Best Maine Coon.
  • Pirate (RW QGC Pinecoon's Captain Jack Sparrow) was the TICA Northwest Region's 14th Best Longhair Cat.
  • Gracie (RW TGC Woodpile Amazing Grace of Pinecoon) was the TICA Northwest Region's 20th Best Longhair Cat.

June 20, 2004: We are happy to announce our newest Pinecoon Supreme Grand Champion! SGCA Pinecoon's Rolling Thunder (Ripple) completed the requirements for his Supreme Grand Championship at the TICA show in Victoria, British Columbia this weekend. Ripple was also 3rd Best Alter in Show. (And in his previous show, in Calgary, Ripple was Best Alter in Show!) Way to go, Ripple!

April 28, 2004: More good health news: Santa Fe, now retired and living in Tacoma with her owner Samantha, had a routine HCM screening with veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield. We are very glad to report that Santa Fe's heart is normal and healthy; she is now 7 years old. 

April 24, 2004: Pirate completed his Quadruple Grand Championship at the TICA show in Burnaby, British Columbia this past weekend. He got 7 finals, which made him the 3rd best cat in show!

March 29, 2004: Good health news: Lina, Eowyn, and Gracie had their their annual HCM screening with veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield. We are very glad to report that all girls have normal hearts at this time. 

March 21, 2004: Pirate completed his Grand Championship at the TICA show in British Columbia this past weekend.

March 15, 2004: Eowyn has had her second litter! As with Eowyn's previous litter, dad is Rumble. We have five little brownies: one boy and four girls. All five kittens are fat, squirmy, and have a lot to say. In fact, they are all extremely loud. The boy is Fortissimo ("Mo" for short) and the girls are Aria, Cantata, A Capella, and Chorale.

February 16, 2004: We have a new little boy: Mymains Peregrine Took of Pinecoon ("Pippin"). Pip is a cream-silver tabby -- a fairly unusual color for a Maine Coon. He is almost too cute for his own good, purrs all the time, and gets into everything -- and we are already crazy about him. We are very grateful to our dear friend Val Horton (Mymains) for this sweet and handsome little fellow.

February 15, 2004: The "Coontucky Derby" show, held this weekend in Everett, WA, was a great success. The show featured the Maine Coon: in addition to the Maine Coon seminar on Saturday evening, there were special Maine Coon breed congresses held on Saturday and Sunday. The winning Maine Coons received a "winner's wreath" like the winning horses at the real Kentucky Derby. Punch (SGCA Pinecoon's Roll With the Punches) won the Maine Coon alter congress; here he is wearing his winner's wreath (with judge Lynne Sherer).

In other news, GCA Pinecoon's Pandemonium ("Oscar") completed the requirements for his Grand Championship at this weekend's show; having achieved this important milestone, Oscar will now devote his free time (and his considerable energy) to campaigning for Howard Dean (Oscar is, of course, a Democat). You can see Oscar's campaign website at

December 2003: We have another new addition -- the most gorgeous little brown torbie and white girl, Woodpile Jacquard of Pinecoon (named after her momma, Pinecoon's Tapestry of Woodpile). Her call name is Jacqui, and she is such a sweet baby!  We can't believe our good fortune, and are very grateful to Jan Dell (Woodpile Maine Coons) for letting us have her. In fact, we have been a little bit worried that Jan will suddenly realize what she's done and demand her back :-).

September 8, 2003: Good health news: Onyx (2 years old), McCoy (4 years old) and Hoppy (7 years old) were screened free of HCM by board-certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Woodfield.

August 24, 2003: Talismaine Ice Cream Coon ("Ice") has achieved the title of Grand Champion -- and in so doing, he has made his daddy Wills a TICA Outstanding Sire! To earn this distinguished title, a cat must sire at least ten TICA Grand Champions. We are very proud of Wills and his offspring, and would like to thank all the folks who showed their Wills kittens to Grand (or beyond): Susie Woosley, Susan & Blair Milburn, Mamiko Iwata, Jan Dell, Cindy Stelmaschuk, and Laura Houseman.

July 25, 2003: TICA's end-of-year placings are now official (well, as official as they get) -- and we are proud to say that Pinecoon cats are well-represented in this year's Regional and International awards:

  • Legolas (IW SGCA Pinecoon's Legolas) has become the fifth Pinecoon cat to achieve an International win! He was TICA's 19th Best International Alter, 4th Best International Maine Coon Alter, and TICA Northwest Region's 5th Best Alter.
  • Jack (RW SGCA Pinecoon's Yukon Jack) finished the season as TICA's 24th Best International Alter and TICA Northwest Region's 7th Best Alter.
  • Onyx (RW SGC Pinecoon's Onyx) was the TICA Northwest Region's 14th Best Cat, 6th Best Longhair Cat, and Best Maine Coon.
  • Stryker (RW QGC Pinecoon's Aragorn) was the TICA Northwest Region's 14th Best Longhair Cat.
  • Eowyn (RW QGC Pinecoon's Eowyn) was the TICA Northwest Region's 17th Best Longhair Cat.
  • Eddie (Pinecoon's Eddie Bauer) was the TICA Northwest Region's Best Maine Coon Kitten.

July 7, 2003: We had another great show this past weekend! Eddie (SGC Pinecoon's Eddie Bauer) completed the requirements for his Supreme Grand Championship at the TICA show in Everett, Washington. Eddie had a fabulous show, with 10 finals (including three Best Allbreed Cat awards).  Punch (TGCA Pinecoon's Roll With The Punches) also did very well, and earned his Triple Grand Championship in the Alter division. And Wills' son Billy Bob (GC AnTarCin William Robert) completed the requirements for his Grand Championship; Billy Bob is the 9th Grand Champion sired by Wills (who needs 10 "Grand children" to earn the title of Outstanding Sire).

In other news, we are thrilled to welcome Woodpile's Amazing Grace of Pinecoon into our home and our hearts. Gracie is a gorgeous little brown tabby girl and is the most gentle, loving little soul. We already adore her, and are very grateful to Jan and Peter Dell for allowing us to have her.

June 21, 2003: Hana and Rumble have a bouquet of beautiful babies: seven fat squirmy little ones in various colors (five boys and two girls). Mom and babies are doing great.

June 9, 2003: Eowyn has five beautiful new babies -- all brown tabbies. Dad is Rumble (he's been a busy boy this spring!). We think there are three girls and two boys, but they look different every time we check...

May 25, 2003: TICA's end-of-year placings aren't finalized yet, but early reports suggest that Legolas may have become the fifth Pinecoon cat to achieve an International win! The currently posted standings have Leggy just barely squeaking in as TICA's 19th Best International Alter. We admit to feeling a bit foolish about this -- we hadn't been paying attention, or we might have taken him to a few more shows -- but are, of course, still proud of our big creampuff.

We are also extremely proud of SGCA Pinecoon's Yukon Jack, who finished just a few points behind Leggy, as TICA's 24th best alter internationally and Fifth Best Maine Coon Alter of the Year. Jack is also the TICA Northwest Region's 6th Best Alter of the Year.  Our thanks to Jack's owners, Susan and Blair Milburn, for doing such a great job of showing Jack -- he is always beautifully groomed and presented, and has always "done us proud."

April 14, 2003: We have two more Pinecoon Grand champions! Eddie (GC Pinecoon's Eddie Bauer) and Punch (GCA Pinecoon's Roll With The Punches, formerly "Puck") both earned their Grand Champion titles this past weekend at the TICA show in Kent, Washington. Way to go, guys!!

April 6, 2003: McCoy's litter was born today. She had three solid blacks, two girls and a boy. No names yet... but we did finally name Moxie's babies (real names, too -- Oscar and Emmy).

March 5, 2003: Moxie has had her babies: two roly-poly little brown tabbies, a boy and a girl. Dad is Rumble. (They don't have names as yet, but one irreverent friend suggested that since they're brown and you can't tell one from the other, we should call one Shinola and the other -- well, never mind... :-)

February 17, 2003: We are very proud to announce that SGC/GC/GC Pinecoon's Kiss Me Kate of Smokeycoons, OD has added yet another title to her already lengthy list of accomplishments: Kate has just earned the DM (Distinguished Merit) award in CFA! (To earn a DM, a cat must have given birth to at least five CFA Grand Champions.) Kate is already an Outstanding Dam in TICA (for producing at least five TICA Grand Champions). Congratulations to Fred & Elaine Weitz (Smokeycoons), Kate's owners!

In other news, we just returned from the big three-day TICA show in Tacoma, where Pinecoon kitties once again made us proud. It was Bonnie and Clyde's first show, and they did wonderfully: Bonnie got four finals, and Clyde got a Best Kitten! Their older half-brother Yukon Jack also got several finals, including a Best Allbreed Alter. Eddie really did well, with nine Allbreed finals (including two Best Kittens), and Legolas did almost embarrassingly well, with 11 Allbreed finals (including four Best Alters). Punch (CH Pinecoon's Roll With The Punches, formerly "Puck") and Aragorn (now a QGC) duked it out in the whole-cat class, taking home several finals apiece.

February 3, 2003: Good health news: Lina, Rumble, Wills, Eowyn and Hana have all passed their annual heart exams (administered by a board-certified cardiologist) with flying colors.

November 11, 2002: It certainly has been a great year for Wills babies! Wills and Hana's three children Legolas, Eowyn and Aragorn all completed their TICA Grand Championships at shows this fall. (Legs finished his Grand in just one show and his Supreme Grand Championship in three!) Wills and Susannah's son Yukon Jack has just completed his Supreme Grand Championship as well. Wow!

September 22, 2002: Susannah had two beautiful little brown tabby babies, a boy and a girl. Dad is Rumble. We've named the babies Bonnie and Clyde because it's pretty obvious that they are both going to be troublemakers!

September 9, 2002: More Grand news! TICA SGC Pinecoon's Masamune of Herbykatz is now also a Grand Champion in CFA! Hurrah!

July 21, 2002: We are thrilled to announce another new Pinecoon Supreme Grand Champion! SGC Pinecoon's Onyx completed his TICA SGC at the show in Portland this past weekend. 

It was a great show for other Pinecoon kitties, too. Aragorn got 5 finals (against very stiff competition), and also won the "Kids' Choice" award. GC Pinecoon's Yukon Jack did fabulously in his first adult show: he was a "one show Grand," with 9 finals, including two Best Alter awards; he was the highest-scoring Maine Coon alter in the show (out of a dozen gorgeous Maine Coons); and he also won the coveted Spectator's Choice Award. What a weekend!!

July 21, 2002: We are proud to announce a new Pinecoon Supreme Grand Champion! SGC Pinecoon's Masamune of Herbykatz just completed the requirements for his SGC at a show in Japan this weekend. We are very grateful to Mamiko Iwata (Herbykatz Maine Coons) for showing this beautiful boy to his best advantage.

July 7, 2002: We had a great show in Seattle this past weekend. Legolas and Aragorn did really well, even though they were competing against each other and a whole bunch of very lovely Maine Coon kittens. Legolas got 6 finals, including a Best Allbreed Kitten, and Aragorn got 5 finals. (And the best part was, they purred through the entire show...) At the end of the show, we had to say farewell to Aragorn, who went to live with Jan Dell (Woodpile Maine Coons) -- he is now officially Pinecoon's Aragorn of Woodpile. 

July 6, 2002: Lina had four beautiful babies! Dad is Wills. They had a silver tabby & white boy, a silver tabby & white girl, a silver tabby girl and a brown tabby girl. Mom and babies are doing well.

June 6, 2002: McCoy had three brown tabby kittens (two boys and a girl). Dad is Rumble. In addition, McCoy is now a "Grand" mother -- her older son Onyx earned his Grand Championship at the Calgary show this past weekend, where he finalled in 10 out of 12 rings (wow!). 

Also, we have some good health news -- Susannah and Hana have passed their annual heart exams (administered by a board-certified cardiologist) with flying colors.

May 15, 2002: The preliminary results are out for the 2001-2002 show year, and it appears that Rumble was the TICA Northwest Region's 8th Best Cat of the Year. Way to go, Rum!  

May 1, 2002: Hoppy, whom we had been hoping was pregnant, had to be spayed today, due to a severe pyometra (similar to a uterine infection). Despite the seriousness of her illness (even our vet was worried), Hoppy is expected to make a full recovery. While we are, of course, sorry to have lost Hoppy from our breeding program -- she made such wonderful babies -- we are just thankful she is alive. 

April 26, 2002: Moxie had just one kitten: a brown tabby and white male. (She still looks pregnant, but our vet assures us that the remaining bulge is just blubber...)

March 11, 2002: We had a great show last weekend at the TICA show in Langley, B.C., Canada.  Rumble and Onyx both did really well, and got 7 finals each. Other Pinecoon kitties were there, too. Yukon Jack (a.k.a. Oh Henry) got several finals, including a Best Kitten; Obsidian (Pinecoon's Obsidian of Coonpanion) and Gypsy (Pinecoon's Gypsy Rose of Talismaine) each finalled as well. All four kittens (Onyx, Obsidian, Jack & Gypsy) are Wills babies, and they did their daddy proud! 

It was pretty funny to watch Onyx and Obsidian being judged. (These two are so much alike that Obsidian's owner, Doug Glatz, has nicknamed Onyx "Live" and Obsidian "Memorex".) The two brothers were benched in adjoining cages in many of the judging rings, and they made a perfectly matched set -- they even sat in identical positions, turned their heads at the same time, and cocked their ears at the same angle. (And they haven't seen each other since January, so we are pretty sure they didn't arrange it ahead of time...)

February 17, 2002: Good health news -- Rumble has passed his echocardiogram (to screen for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) with flying colors! (The cardiologist said Rumble's heart was "very boring" -- which, of course, is what one hopes for.) Also, Moxie passed her third echocardiogram screening, and is now on a romantic weekend getaway with her new paramour, Kougar (DGC Smokeycoons High Plains Drifter) -- who also happens to be Lina's big brother. 

February 11, 2002: Rumble has completed the requirements for Supreme Grand Champion -- in just 4 shows. We are so proud of him! Rumble had a great show in Everett this past weekend, and finalled in 9 out of 10 rings. It was a good show for other Pinecoon kitties too: Luna, Onyx and Yukon Jack (a.k.a. Oh Henry) each got a Best Kitten award (and other finals as well)! 

January 27, 2002: Hana has given birth to her second litter -- five beautiful kittens! (Dad is Wills.) The litter includes two brown tabby females, a red tabby male, a red-silver tabby male, and a silver tabby and white male. 

January 13, 2002: Rumble has passed his one-year hip x-rays with flying colors (hurrah!). Also, he is now a Quadruple Grand Champion!

November 15, 2001: Rumble's first adult show went really well. He earned his TICA Grand Championship in just two days, and went on to earn his Double Grand Championship on the third day of the show. He earned eight finals -- four of which were Best Allbreed Cat rosettes!  

September 15, 2001: Rumble's last kitten show (in Everett, WA) was a roaring success. Out of 12 rings, he got 9 Best Kitten rosettes, and ended up being Best Kitten in Show! We were thrilled! 

September 8, 2001: McCoy had four kittens: a brown tabby and three solid blacks! We are so excited: these are the first solid black Pinecoon kittens we've ever had, despite many years of trying to produce solids. Dad is Wills (who assures us that he isn't a bit tired...).

September 6, 2001: We are trying to update our waitlist. If you're currently on our waiting list and haven't contacted us in a while, but would like to stay on the list, please send us a quick email to confirm that you're still interested in a kitten.  We've also instituted a new policy: if we haven't heard from someone in over six months, we'll drop their name from our "active" list. (We used to keep people listed indefinitely, but the list became unmanageably long, filled mostly with inactive names). 

August 25, 2001: Susannah had five kittens -- three girls and two boys! Dad is Wills (who was a very busy boy this spring).

July 26, 2001: Lina had six babies! Right now it looks like four girls and two boys. There's one silver tabby girl, and the rest are all blue tabbies or blue-silvers -- some with white. Dad is Wills.

June 26, 2001: Moxie had her babies! She had two brown tabbies (a boy and a girl) and a blue tabby girl. Dad is Wills.

June 13, 2001: We have just gotten a new kitten, all the way from Florida: a wonderful brown tabby boy named Rumble (Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon).  Thanks very much to Kay Heimer (Mysticoon cattery) for entrusting us with this sweet fellow. 

May 22, 2001: Well, the show results for this past year are in, and Teddy (IW SGCA Pinecoon's Edward Bearcat) has done it again -- only better! We are ever so proud to announce that, for the show year 2000-2001, Teddy is TICA's 3rd Best International Alter, Best International Maine Coon Alter, and Best Northwest Alter!  Teddy is the first Pinecoon cat to become an International Winner twice (last year he was TICA's 13th Best International Alter). We are especially grateful to Teddy's owners, Diane Green and Philip Akers, for showing their beautiful boy to his full potential. 

Also this past show year, our beautiful Hana (SGC Herbykatz Hana of Pinecoon) was the Northwest Region's 10th Best Longhair Cat (and 24th Best Cat). 

Also, Susannah and Hot Shot's son Shasta (QGCA Pinecoon's SnoPaws on Mt Shasta) will be receiving a regional award in the Mid Pacific Region, though we don't yet know his placing.

April 9, 2001: Good health news -- we've just completed our annual heart screenings, and all our cats still have healthy, normal hearts. Hoppy, Wills and Teddy were screened in December 2000, and everyone else (Frosty, Santa Fe, Moxie, Susannah, Hana and McCoy) was screened this past week. The screenings were performed by Dr. Woodfield, a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.

February 18, 2001: Pinecoon's Caliente of Coonyham ("Callie") is now a Grand Champion! Coongratulations to the lovely Callie, and thanks to Laura, Sharon and Joe Cunningham for showing Callie to her best advantage!

February 17, 2001: McCoy and Frosty had three kittens: three nearly identical brown tabby and whites. For details, see our Kittens page.

January 2001: SGC Pinecoon's Kissme Kate of Smokeycoons has achieved the distinguished title of Outstanding Dam!! To earn this title, a cat must give birth to at least five Grand Champions. Kate has earned this title in just two litters -- an extraordinary feat! (We are thrilled, and so proud of her that we can hardly keep from going on about it...) Of course, the credit for Kate's success goes to Elaine & Fred Weitz (Smokeycoons); and also, since both of Kate's litters were sired by Luvpaws Maverick of Wyndabbey, we should thank Mav (and Abbey Jones, his owner) as well. (You can see photos of Kate and Mav's illustrious children at the Smokeycoons website.) 




Our newest "show kitty" is Mainesuspect Lord Peter of Pinecoon, whom we are hoping will grow up to be our next stud male.