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Previous Litters: Gracie & Hoot's Litter

Gracie's third litter (pictured below at about 13 weeks of age) was born in March 2006. Their father is Hoot (IW SGC Woodpile's Hoot N Holler). This was such a "typey" litter that we named them after TrueType fonts:

  • Arial -- brown tabby & white female
  • Helvetica -- brown tabby & white female
  • Lucida -- brown tabby & white female
  • Verdana -- brown tabby & white female
  • Franklin Gothic Heavy -- brown tabby & white male (shown at left)
  • Garamond Bold -- brown tabby male

Left to right, they are Garamond, Arial, Franklin, Verdana, Lucida and Helvetica. (Hmmm... or maybe it's Garamond, Arial, Franklin, Helvetica, Lucida and Verdana. Veti and Dana are kind of tough to tell apart.)

We took all four of the girls to a show in Portland at the end of August, and the photographer got some great shots of them (although it took two sittings -- the kittens were quite energetic and enthusiastic, but had little interest in posing nicely on the table; they wanted to jump down and explore!)