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Pinecoon Maine Coon Cats
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 Meet Our Cats: Our Boys: Pippin

CH Mymains Peregrine Took of Pinecoon ("Pippin")

Pippin is a cream-silver classic tabby male who came to us from our dear friend Val Horton (Mymains).

He is now happily retired and living in a wonderful pet home with his daughter Peaches.


Birthdate: 11/21/2003

Hips: Excellent at 1 year of age

Heart: Normal and healthy. Screened via Doppler ultrasound at 1 and 2 years of age, most recently in October 2005. Pippin's HCM DNA Results

Pedigree: Pippin is out of Nicky and Shasta. Click here for a full five-generation pedigree.

Litters: Pippin has sired two litters:

  • One kitten, Rosie, with Susannah
  • Two kittens, Peaches and Bump, with Trillium


As a baby, Pippin was the cutest thing on four legs: a rambunctious, wildly affectionate, constantly purring little pink bundle of energy and mischief. If he hadn't been so cute, we'd probably have been mad at him all the time -- he is into everything -- but who could stay mad at this face???

(Pippin at 12 weeks of age.)


Pippin is named after a mischievous hobbit in The Lord of the Rings -- for very sound reasons! Pip is smart, affectionate, goodnatured, and playful. He plays "fetch", loves to slosh in his water dish (hey, water moves, so it must be a toy, right?), and utterly adores his fur "spidey", which he carries around constantly, carefully stowing it in various secret places and then having a great time "recapturing" it.

Aside from his darling personality, Pippin has wonderful type. He has huge ears, a strong square muzzle, and a deep square chin. Despite his "minority" color, he's done pretty well at the shows -- he loves being shown -- and has consistently held his own against older, larger, brown-tabbier competitors.

Here are some more of Pippin's "glam shots", taken at 8 months of age: