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SGC/GC Pinecoon's Masamune of Herbykatz
(kitten call name: "Glitter")



Masamune at 4 months of age

Masamune is Lina and Wills' son, a blue classic tabby and white, born 7/26/01. 

Masamune is a sweet, outgoing fellow with a resounding purr and a total disregard for his sisters' dignity. He loves people, dislikes the vacuum cleaner, and (like his mother) believes that water is just a toy you can drink.

Masamune has good boning, a long body, and a long, square, well-defined muzzle. His chin is deep and strong and his profile is a beautiful clean curve. His ears are large and well furnished, with large thick lynx tips.

Masamune now lives with Betsy's friend Mamiko Iwata (Herbykatz) as a breeding male. His full name is SGC Pinecoon's Masamune of Herbykatz.

Here are some photos of Masamune as a young adult:

Masamune is 3 1/2 months of age in the following photos.


Masamune (top), Stella (left) and Twinkle (right).

Here is Masamune (on the right) with his sister Twinkle:

And here is Masamune when he was a four-week-old baby Glitter: