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Previous Litters: Promise & Reno's Litter

Promise's litter was born in late May 2008; their father was Reno. There were five kittens (most of whom we named after rock bands):

  • Twisted Sister "Sissy" - cream-silver & white girl (at left, in back)
  • Pearl Jam "PJ" - red-silver tabby girl (at left, in front)
  • King Crimson "Crimson" - red tabby & white boy
  • Velvet Hammer "Ginger" - red tabby & white girl
  • Ember (we didn't name Ember after a rock band; it's just that Ember was the right name for her) - brown torbie girl (at left)


Promise and Reno's litter, born at the end of May 2008, included four girls (Ember, Ginger, PJ, and Sissy) and one boy (Crimson). All kittens from this litter have been placed.

This litter was not technically a Pinecoon litter. Instead, it was the last litter of our friend Janice Schafer (Poseycoon Maine Coons). Janice passed away somewhat unexpectedly in late June. Her family was unable to keep Janice's cats after her death, so we adopted most of them, including this, her final litter. The monies resulting from their placement went to a fund for Janice's children. We miss Janice very much, and are glad we were able to do this for her, her family, and her beautiful cats.

Because we raised this litter from babyhood, these kittens are still "our babies", even though they weren't actually born here. We adore each and every one of them; and what sweet, sweet babies they are! They have absolutely incredible temperaments. Our kittens are normally outgoing, affectionate, adaptable, and purr all the time, so we're pretty used to that sort of thing. But these little ones take "purring all the time" to new extremes.

Not only are these babies affectionate, but they are fearless as well. For example, vacuuming with these littluns around is difficult at best, since they think the vacuum is a toy. (It's tough to vaccum using a wad of kittens; works much better when the nozzle can actually touch the floor directly.) In fact, we've never found anything they are afraid of.

Of course, there is some variation among them: Ember is the quietest, and spends the most time sitting in laps, while PJ is probably the most obnoxiously, cheerfully, "flings-herself-at-anyone" affectionate. (Which is not to say that her littermates aren't all the same way; it's just that PJ is usually in front -- she's just a "me first" kind of gal.) Sissy is the snuggliest, and likes nothing better than tucking herself right under your chin (or, if available, under a nice cozy kilt). Ginger is probably the most opinionated -- but she is a redhead, so no surprise there! And Crimson is a big, easygoing, goodnatured, patient fellow, which is a good thing considering who he has to live with!

Here they all are:

PJ (red-silver female) Ginger (red tabby & white female)
Sissy (cream-silver & white female) Ember (brown torbie female) Crimson (red tabby & white male)