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Meet Our Cats: Alumni: Eowyn

RW QGC Pinecoon's Eowyn (retired)

Eowyn is a brown classic tabby female, daughter of Hana and Wills. Like her littermates, she was named after a character from J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

Shown at left: Eowyn at 3 years of age (now with a fair amount of coat).


Birthdate: 1/27/02

Hips: Excellent at 1 year of age

Heart: Normal and healthy. Screened by  board-certified cardiologist via Doppler ultrasound at
1, 2, and 3.5 years of age (most recent ultrasound exam -- 10/31/05).

Eowyn's HCM DNA results

Pedigree: Eowyn is out of Wills and Hana. Click here for a full five-generation pedigree.

Litters: Eowyn has had four litters, all with Rumble:


Eowyn is a beautiful girl with large ears and huge lynx tips. Her muzzle is square and well-defined, with a deep square chin and a very pretty profile: a clean gentle curve. She is a warm brown tabby with an outstanding classic tabby pattern. Her body is lean and hard, and she is surprisingly heavy for her size.

Eowyn loves people, and adores being petted -- on her terms. She is interactive and entertaining, and has earned the nickname of "Miss Mouth" because she is so chatty. (Eowyn has something to say about almost everything.) If she notices someone else getting petted, she comes up, sits just beyond reach, and squeaks at us until we reach out to pet her, too. 


Eowyn has been spayed and has found a wonderful new home -- she now lives with her equally cheeky son, Pirate.


Eowyn is a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion. She was the TICA Northwest Region's 17th Best Longhair Cat in 2002.

For baby pictures of Eowyn and her littermates,
click here.