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Eowyn & Rumble's First Litter (The "Ice Cream Coons" :-)

Eowyn's first litter was born in early June of 2003. Their father is Rumble. There are five beautiful babies, all brown tabbies with incredible bodies and boning. (They feel like little bricks covered with fur.) They are:
  • Rum Raisin, a brown tabby boy (grew up to be "Pirate")
  • Fudge Ripple, a brown tabby boy ("Ripple")
  • Rocky Road, a brown tabby boy ("Rocky")
  • Mocha Almond Fudge, a brown tabby girl ("Mocha")
  • Caramel Swirl, a brown tabby girl ("Caramel")


All our little "Ice Cream Coons" are very friendly and people-oriented. They love people and if you sit on the floor, all five of them will immediately swarm into your lap. They are rowdy, smart, and are into everything. With these five around, we have to make sure everything is practically tied down!

Here they are at 11 weeks of age:

And here they all are at nearly 6 weeks of age. It was difficult to take photos of them because they wouldn't stay far enough away for the camera to focus on them -- they insisted on coming towards us. We finally found the solution: a new Mylar teaser toy whose unfamiliar swishy sound intimidated them just enough that they stayed where wey put them -- briefly (they got over their concern pretty fast, but we managed to snap a few pix before being deluged in kittens again).

Caramel Swirl - brown tabby female


Cara is a snugglebug. She loves soft places, laps, and shoes. Her favorite place to sleep is inside Betsy's sheepskin slippers.


Mocha Almond Fudge - brown tabby female


At six weeks, Mocha is the second-largest kitten in the litter -- nearly as big as her brother Rum, and bigger than everyone else. She is quite adventurous -- she was the first kitten to fall into the water dish, the first to taste solid food, and the first to figure out what the litter box is for.


Rum Raisin - brown tabby male


Rum reminds us so strongly of his daddy that we began calling him Rum quite by accident. He is the largest kitten in the litter, with heavy boning, huge ears and a huge appetite. Rum is friendly and affectionate, and likes people so much that if you don't make a lap for him when he wants one, he'll climb right up your legs (even if you aren't wearing long pants -- ouch!)


Rocky Road - brown tabby male


Rocky started life as the smallest kitten in the litter, and has had to work hard to catch up with his siblings. He's now the same size as his brothers. Rocky is smart, rowdy and vocal (he probably gets this from his mom!).

Fudge Ripple - brown tabby male


Ripple is a gentle sweet fellow, less obnoxiously rowdy than his "monster" brothers, Rum and Rocky. He is outgoing and affectionate, and of the three boys, is the most likely to climb into your lap for a snuggle (rather than to play with your hair or jewelry).




QGC Pinecoon's Eowyn


RW SGC Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon ("Rumble")