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Hana's 2nd Litter

Hana's second litter was born in January 2002. Dad is Wills; this is their 2nd litter together. They had five kittens, named after characters from Lord of the Rings:


The whole litter is affectionate and people-oriented, and are very gentle and tolerant. 

Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas, Gandalf & Eowyn at 3 months of age

Here are all five kittens at 7 weeks of age. Left to right, they are Gandalf, Legolas, Arwen, Aragorn and Eowyn:



Legolas loves to be held and petted, and becomes a limp purring rag whenever you pick him up. If he's standing up and you scratch him behind the ears, he leans into your hand and slowly melts until he is lying flat on his belly. This has earned him the (not very flattering) nickname of "Legless" :-)

Aragorn is the "fearless leader" of the litter. He is the first to explore any new situation -- although Legolas is usually right behind him.

Aragorn  loves to be petted, but because of his busy agenda, he usually doesn't stay in anyone's lap very long. 

Arwen is the smallest in the litter -- but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in energy and spunk. She is usually right there with the boys when it comes to fighting over The Feather Toy. (She doesn't seem to mind ending up underneath everyone else.) 

Eowyn is larger than her "baby sister" Arwen, but no less energetic. The two girls are a pretty good match for their obnoxious brothers, though Eowyn does her best to stay out of the way when the boys are playing Pounce-And-Flatten.

Eowyn likes people pretty well, though she is not 100% convinced that being picked up by our kids is a good idea. 

Gandalf is much fuzzier than his siblings, which somehow makes him the cutest. Perhaps that's also due to his sweet, laid-back personality. He is quieter and calmer than his brothers and his sister Arwen. Our entire family is madly in love with him.

Gandalf's nickname is "Mush" because he immediately becomes completely limp and boneless when you pick him up. He purrs almost constantly, and so loudly that sometimes it's hard to tell exactly where the sound is coming from!