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Hana's 2nd Litter: Legolas

Legolas is a red silver classic tabby male, son of Hana and Wills. Like his littermates, he is named after a character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.  Legolas will be staying here with us. To see his "grown-up" page, click here.


Legolas is outgoing, calm and goodnatured. He's usually right behind Aragorn when it comes to exploring new situations. Unlike Aragorn, though, Legolas actually enjoys being held, and will usually go limp when picked up. When petted in a standing position, Legolas melts slowly and blissfully into the floor. This has earned him the not-too-flattering nickname of "Legless."

Here are some more photos of Legolas at 3 months: