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Pinecoon Maine Coon Cats
Healthy, Loving Maine Coon Cats -- Regional & International Award Winners

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 Meet Our Cats: Our Boys: Peter

Mainesuspect Lord Peter of Pinecoon

Peter is a red mackerel tabby and white male from our friend Sherry Campbell (Mainesuspect cattery) in Maryland. His parents are NW, GC Tropikoons Hang Ten of Mainesuspect and CH Sarajen Sazerac of Mainesuspect.


Birthdate: July 12, 2010

HCM DNA status: Negative for the MyBPC3 HCM gene (both his parents have tested negative.)

HEART: Normal as of 1 year of age, checked by Dr. J Woodfield.

Pedigree: Peter is out of Ten and Sassy.




Peter is a red mackerel tabby and white male from
Mainesuspect cattery in Maryland. He is the sweetest chunk of a fellow, all purrs and snuggles. We love his expression, his gorgeous head, muzzle, chin and profile, and his heavy boning -- and his temperament (did we mention all that purring?). His coloring is a deep intense red (unusual for a red mackerel tabby) and the high white makes him even flashier.