What's New?

November 24, 2000: Santa Fe and Frosty had six kittens -- including some blue tabbies, which is something of a surprise since we didn't realize Frosty carried blue. For details, see our Kittens page.

October 1, 2000: Hana had five beautiful kittens! Dad is Wills. For details, click here.

September 27, 2000: Hot Shot has retired from breeding, has been neutered, and has a wonderful new home in Eastern Washington. We'll miss him, of course, and will also miss the sweet outgoing babies he sires; but it helps knowing that he's so happy as a feline "couch potato".

August 25, 2000: We have a new addition: Smokeycoons Katalina of Pinecoon ("Alina"), a darling silver tabby and white female. We are thrilled with her and are very grateful to Elaine & Fred Weitz (Smokeycoons) for letting Alina come to us. 

August 15, 2000: Susannah had three beautiful kittens today!  For details, see our Kittens page. 

July 24, 2000: We've found great homes both for Fire and for our 12-year-old rescue, Max. Thanks to all who inquired about these two sweet fellows!

July 16, 2000: We're celebrating here at Pinecoon: our beautiful Hana (Herbykatz Hana of Pinecoon) is now a Supreme Grand Champion! Hana completed the stringent requirements for this highly respected title at the TICA show in Springfield, Oregon this weekend: she received a Best Longhair Cat award from Laura Cunningham and a Best Allbreed Cat from Linda Kay Ashley. We are so thrilled and proud!   

July 1, 2000: Hana did wonderfully at the TICA show in California last weekend (8 finals!) and is now a Quadruple Grand Champion. The success hasn't gone to her head, though: she is still just as sweet as ever!

In other news, we have had Fire neutered. He has been absolutely miserable ever since the adult (male) hormones hit him, and we just couldn't put him through it any longer. Fire is now living happily, sans hormones, with his new owner Geni Hawkins (who also has a kitten from us, Pinecoon's Cap'n Jim Hawkcoons).

June 2, 2000: Good health news: Hana just had her preliminary hip x-rays, and her hips are good to excellent (yay!!). Unfortunately, Vanessa's hips did not look as good, so she will be spayed (sigh...).

May 31, 2000: Both Moxie and Hoppy have had their babies! Both girls had smaller-than-expected litters (three and two kittens, respectively) but such beautiful babies! For details, see our Kittens page.

May 1, 2000: It's official: Teddy (SGA Pinecoon's Edward Bearcat, a brown tabby neuter belonging to Diane Green and Philip Akers) is TICA's 13th Best International Alter, as well as the Northwest Region's 2nd Best Alter! We are thrilled -- and so proud of Teddy! Diane and Philip did a wonderful job of showing him, and the results speak for themselves!

In other end-of-the-season news, Spruce also did very well: he is the Northwest Region's 7th Best Kitten. He's also TICA's 26th best international kitten (unfortunately, they only give awards to the top 20) and TICA's 4th best international Maine Coon kitten (and they only give awards to the top 3). Despite these "near miss" results, we're still awfully proud of Spruce -- especially since he achieved all that after attending just 4 local shows (at which he did extremely well). (Sigh... if only if we'd taken him to a few more shows...) 

April 15, 2000: Good health news: Fire had his preliminary hip x-rays, and our vet says his hips look great. 

April 9, 2000: Spruce did wonderfully at the TICA show in Seattle this weekend -- he finalled in all 12 rings and was Best of the Best Kitten -- wowie!! (Needless to say, we are pretty happy!) At the same show, Hana completed the requirements for her Grand Championship (hurrah!) and McCoy got a final too, so now she's a Champion. All in all -- a great weekend!

April 6, 2000: We have a wonderful new addition, all the way from New York: Broadsway McCoy of Pinecoon, a solid black girl who is absolutely exquisite. She's gentle, beautiful, and oh so elegant -- we couldn't ask for more!  

March 8, 2000: Good health news: Frosty, Hot Shot, Hoppy, Susannah, Moxie, and Wills passed their echocardiogram/ultrasound tests (to screen for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) today. The tests were performed by Dr. Woodfield, a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.