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Photo (c) 2001 by Barb Zurawski. All rights reserved. LA SGCA Pinecoon's Edward Bearcat

"Teddy" is a two-time international winner, a Supreme Grand Champion, and a Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

TICA Northwest Region Alter of the Year 2001
TICA's 3rd Best International Alter of the Year 2001


TICA Northwest Region 2nd Best Alter of the Year 2000
TICA's 13th Best International Alter of the Year 2000


TICA's coveted Lifetime Achievement Award


Teddy is a magnificent brown classic tabby neutered male who belongs to Diane Green and Philip Akers. He has a long, flowing coat and such hot brown tabby coloring that sometimes he's mistaken for a torbie! He is quite a big fellow, with heavy boning, huge tufty paws, and a long, hard body. Teddy has a beautiful head with a square, well-defined muzzle, a good profile  and a deep square chin. He has large ears with long, thick lynx tips.  (In fact, we think he's all-round gorgeous, and of course we aren't at all biased...)

According to Diane, Teddy is a major cuddle-bunny. He loves to snuggle up on her lap, but his particular favorite is to have her lie on the floor so that he can "make biscuits" on her neck and then cuddle under her chin for a snooze. He usually then rolls onto his back alongside her so that he is completely wrapped into her arm; he can stay like that for hours. He also loves to lie alongside her in bed with his head on the pillow. (He's a real "teddy bear"!)

Teddy enjoys drinking fresh running water from the sink (this seems to run in the family, as his mom Hoppy and his half-siblings Alexander and Moxie prefer their water "on the run" as well.) And he is very smart. Diane says: "Our other cats all run into the kitchen when they think they're going to get a treat. But Teddy heads in the other direction and runs alone into the bathroom, where he gets his own pile of treats which he doesn't have to share with the others! He has figured out that he will do better if he doesn't follow the herd."

Being a cat show "campaigner," Teddy travels a lot, and would probably have more frequent flyer miles than most humans, except that the airlines don't let cats join their mileage programs. Teddy is generally very quiet on airplanes, though he often comments on the pilot's technique during landing. He doesn't like bumpy landings!

Here is a wonderful photo of Teddy when he was just 6 months old: