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What's Available: Adults

About Our Adoptable Adult Cats

We occasionally have adult Maine Coons available for adoption as companions. Most are retired breeding cats, but once in a while we'll have a young adult available, or a pet who was returned to us for some reason and needs a "forever home".


AVAILABLE ADULTS (last updated December 27, 2012)

We currently have no adult cats available.


Adopting an adult Maine Coon can be an extremely rewarding experience. An older cat is generally calmer and better-behaved than a kitten, but is just as capable of falling completely in love with his or her new human. Our cats are usually very loving and adaptable, regardless of their age. Unless otherwise noted, they get along well with other cats, children, and well-behaved dogs.

We occasionally have adult Maine Coons available for adoption as companions. These cats are typically retired from breeding, though once in a while we have for adoption a young adult cat who has never had a breeding career. (Although we do keep some of our "retirees" ourselves, most cats are happier when they don't have to compete with several other cats for food, toys and attention.) We place our adults only in local homes (within reasonable driving distance of Seattle). All our adult cats are neutered or spayed before they go to their new homes. They go with a full set of updated shots, pedigree and registration papers, and the same comprehensive health guarantee and lifetime return policy that accompanies our kittens. 




If you think you might be interested in adopting an adult Maine Coon, please send us email, even if there aren't any adults listed on this page. (We can't always bring ourselves to "advertise" our retirees; they are like family members, and it's always a huge wrench to part with them.)