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LPrevious Litters: Hana & Rumble's 1st Litter

Hana's third litter was born in June 2003. Dad is Rumble; this is their first litter together. They had seven kittens, named after characters from Lord of the Rings.

The little mite at left is Faramir, a red tabby male, pictured here at about 4 weeks of age.

MEET Hana and Rumble's Kittens

There were seven kittens in this litter:

  • A brown tabby male, "Elrond"
  • A silver tabby male, "Celeborn"
  • A silver tabby female, "Galadriel"
  • A red tabby male, "Faramir" (formerly "Theoden"; now GC Pinecoon's Faramir of Mymains)
  • A red silver tabby male, "Eomer" (now SGCA Pinecoon's Flash Fire of Carolscats)
  • A brown tabby and white male, "Beren"
  • A brown tabby and white female, "Luthien"

For more photos and a description of each kitten, click its name or image above.