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Meet Our Cats: Our Boys: Onyx

RW SGC Pinecoon's Onyx

Onyx is a solid black male, son of McCoy and Wills.

He was supposed to become one of our stud males, but he couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do where girls were concerned. So, he is now neutered -- and doesn't even seem to realize he's missing anything...


Birthdate: 9/8/2001

Hips: Excellent at 1 year of age

Heart: Normal and healthy. Screened via Doppler ultrasound at 1, 2, 3, and 4 years of age.
Onyx has tested negative for the MyBPC3 HCM DNA mutation.

Pedigree: Onyx is out of Wills and McCoy. Click here for a full five-generation pedigree.

Litters: Onyx managed to sire only one kitten, with Gracie.


  • TICA Northwest Region 14th Best Cat 2002-2003
  • TICA Northwest Region Best Maine Coon 2002-2003


Onyx is friendly and rowdy and full of fun. He has a laid-back, goodnatured approach to life, and often looks as if he is completely boneless (flop!). He especially likes to drape himself across Betsy's throat while she's trying to sleep -- which, of course, makes it impossible to sleep or breathe, since he is very heavy.

Onyx has a wonderful head, with a beautiful clean profile, strong square muzzle and deep square chin. His ears are a little smaller than we'd like, though they are well set, well furnished and have decent lynx tips.

Onyx has an extravagantly long body and tail, and at 4 years of age, is just filling out -- for years he was a very large, very lanky "teenager".


Onyx still lives with us. (At the moment, he's probably draped over something not intended as a cat bed -- preferably something that belongs to Betsy.)


Here is Onyx at 10 weeks of age:

If you want, you can see more baby pictures of Onyx and his littermates.