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Meet Our Cats: Our Boys: Zeus 

GC Pinecoon Zeus on the Loose

Zeus is a brown classic tabby male. He's sweet and handsome and we really couldn't be happier with him.   

Well, actually, we could be... we would love him even more than we do if he just would stop getting into things. Into everything.


Birthdate: March 2007


Pedigree: Zeus is out of SGC Windwalker Wonder and TGC Woodpile Amazing Grace of Pinecoon.


Litters: Zeus is neutered and won't be siring any litters.


Zeus (in front) and brother Babylon at 3 weeks of age.


Zeus has a lot going for him. Aside from his beautiful long, rectangular muzzle and large tufted ears, and his naughty-yet-innocent expression, and his terrific strong chin, and his long long body and tail, he has a vital survival characteristic: he purrs all the time. Well, nearly all the time. The reason this is important is that Zeus is so very naughty that if he didn't purr and snuggle shamelessly whenever "caught in the act" -- well, he probably wouldn't have survived this long, because one of us would have wrung his mischievous little neck.

Just kidding. Of course we wouldn't actually wring Zeus' neck. But we did tell him we'd wring his neck, if we ever caught him at it again (stealing jewelry for use as cat toys, deliberately knocking over glasses of milk, or surreptitiously working out the combination lock on the household safe). So far, he hasn't paid the slightest attention to this empty threat. He knows us pretty well...


  • Grand Champion (GC) -- Zeus earned his Grand Championship (and possibly his DGC and TGC as well -- we haven't computed his points yet) at his very first show, at just 8 months of age. 
  • Best Cat in Show -- Zeus was the overall highest scoring cat at the Maine Event show in Seattle, WA (as per the non-weighted scoring method used by the club).

We are very excited at how well Zeus did at his first adult show. We are looking forward to more shows, and hope he'll continue to do as well as he matures!


Zeus at 9 weeks of age